Cheat Client SharkMod for Minecraft 1.8

SharkMod is the simplest cheat, the functionality of which will never fall asleep with anti-cheat and will not harm your security. With this cheat, you really never get banned, and all because its functionality is very small and harmless.

Cheat Client SharkMod for Minecraft 1.8

In its functions there is little that is useful and it is suitable for those who want to improve their game, and not fill it with simplicity because of cheats or something else. However, the design of the main menu is so good that a good half of the rest of the cheats should take an example from him. It is also simple, but very beautiful.


HUD and GUI menu in the chit is completely absent. However, you can find at the top of the screen a list of functions and binds to them. Useful of them will be only Sprint (constant run) and FullBright (maximum gamma).

Download: sharkmod

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