Hacked Premium Client Flux B14 for Minecraft

Cheat for Minecraft Flux B14 – the latest version of the legendary cheat client for Minecraft 1.8, which has excellent functionality, user-friendly interface and a pleasant design. Due to these features, it has become very popular and in demand among gamers around the world. It is worth taking a closer look at this client in order to evaluate the main functions of the cheat and its advantages.

Description Flux:

  • The previous version of the client had an excellent interface and appearance, so the developers did not make major changes to the new Flux, focusing on expanding the functionality and fixing bugs. Among the several advantages of the updated cheat, several main points are worth highlighting:
  • The number of possibilities has significantly increased in the new version. Now the player is given as many as 75 cheat functions, including the popular NO FIX, FLY, KILLAURA, TELEPORT, SCAFFOLD.
  • High level of masking, allowing to bypass most of the anti-cheats, including such popular plugins as GWEN, Watchdog, NCP and others;
  • Simple and intuitive interface that allows even a novice without problems how to install flux b13, and configure it;
  • More and more servers allow players to use Flux, and with the release of the new version their number has increased significantly; Support for popular plugins that save the player from repeated repetition of routine actions (FastAlts, MCLeaks);
  • Low price – 15 USD (we have it hacked).

Download: Flux

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