Kronos Hacked Client for Minecraft 1.8

Kronos is a cheat client that carries a whole range of cheats, which will allow players to play on servers more better. Now you will not be the weakest player.

Only the main functions are listed. You can see the full functionality yourself or at the bottom:

  • WayPoint – At Death You Spawn In the same place Where I die.
  • Criticals – Now you will deal critical damage to the enemy.
  • KIllaura – Nobody will be able to approach you by turning on this cheat, everyone who comes to you will receive damage.
  • ESP – You Can See People Through Blocks.
  • Fullbright —Let you see in dark places.
  • Jesus – Allows you to run on water (lava).
  • FreeCam – You can move Freely around the world remotely from the body (player).
  • NoFall – Fell from a great height? It does not matter, your life will not go away when you fall from a height.
  • AutoArmour – Allows you to automatically put on your armor (after it disappears.
  • Speed ​​Mine – you dig faster up to 2 times
  • Xray – Everyone knows what role this cheat plays. You can look through the blocks you do not need.

Download: Kronos_3.7_1.8

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