Cherry Hacked Client for Minecraft 1.8

Cherry Hacked Client for Minecraft 1.8

Hacked Client Cherry at Minecraft 1.8 is a cheat with a lot of features that are designed to play on your favorite servers.

The menu can be opened on a key that you define. To define a key, type .bind gui “key name” (For example, lshift – the menu will open on LeftShift). The interface of the reader is the one to which we are all accustomed, no different from the others. In it even the beginner will understand.

There are all the functions necessary for a comfortable game.

Chit works on most servers.

How to install cheat Cherry on Minecraft 1.8?

1. Download the archive;
2. Unzip the archive with the built-in Zip archiver or download WinRar;
3. Close Maincraft if it is open;
4. Enter in the search% appdata% / .minecraft / versions (Search is in the Start button);
5. If you did not find the folder, then create it;
6. Copy all the files from the archive to this folder;
7. Open Minecraft and create a profile called Cherry;
8. Save the profile and enter this profile.

Download: MEGA.Nz

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