Hacked Client Nike b12 for Minecraft 1.16.1/1.16

Premium hacked client for Minecraft 1.16.1 and 1.16 versions. This cheat is by far the coolest option for any player who wants to win and kill everyone in his path. This client stands out clearly from the background of its competitors, although it has some drawbacks.

Hacked Client Nike b12 for Minecraft 1.16.1/1.16

The Nike client will be able to pleasantly surprise you with its functionality as well as stable work on the server. Of the minuses, there is only a meager design that will be very noticeable against the background of the same Flux. Otherwise, this hack client is much superior to other cheat clients for new versions of Minecraft.

The most important plus that absolutely any player will like is killaura, which is incredibly powerful here. You can literally destroy the enemy with a couple of blows of the sword and then restore all your health in a matter of seconds. Configuring the client also does not take much time since the interface is as simple and intuitive as possible.

Download: Nike B12 client

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