Hacked Client for Mineplex [Hacking on Mineplex]

This cheat is able to work easily on the server of the Mineplex, it contains all the necessary functions that will help you dominate among other players and constantly win.

Hacking on Mineplex

Surely, many are already tired of constantly playing mini-games or battles in the arena, but now with the help of this client you can change a lot. Now going to the server you will feel confident. The cheat has built-in features such as: xray, speedhack, anti-AFK, Auto-Eat, Bunny-Jump, Killaura, No fall and others.

The server will now be much nicer to play. Give the battle to all the enemies that used to kill you! Now in Minecraft you will be the coolest player.

Download: MinePlex-Client

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