New Hacked Client HCL for Minecraft 1.12.2 – KillAura, ESP, Aimbot

A unique cheat that has an extensive arsenal of workable functions, through which the player will get a huge advantage over the rest of the server users. Download HCL and try it out!

The menu of the cheat is made very beautiful, it looks pleasant to the eyes, besides. it is possible to customize it for yourself, for this, open the GUI tab and change the appearance as you please.

1. AutoArmor
2. KillAura
3. FullBright
4. Tracers
5. FastPlace
6. InstantMine
7. BowAimbot
8. AntiFire
9. FastBow
10. FreeCam
11. No Fall
12. Regen
13. ChestESP
14. Criticals
15. XRay
Download: HCL Minecraft

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