Cheat SpeedHack and Fly for Minecraft PE

If you are tired of moving slowly on the ground and even in flight mode, then the cheat Speedhack for Minecraft PE will speed up your hero, as well as on what, he would not move. Thanks to cheat SpeedHack, you will be able to independently regulate the speed of movement of the main character, and it doesn’t matter if he is walking or is riding an animal.

After you install Speedhack for Minecraft PE, a panel will appear on the right side of the screen, on which there will be two buttons, thanks to them you can set the hero’s speed making it faster or slow it down if the situation requires it.

Thanks to the Speedhack cheat, you no longer have to build portals near your home to quickly get into the mine, you just need to increase the speed of Steve and in a matter of seconds you will be in place.

Download: 1422187546_speedhack

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