Hacked Client Kirka B8 for Minecraft 1.8

Kirka is a new version of a fairly popular cheat that has been fixed in the hearts of many players since the very first versions. For the most part, this cheat was able to lure its audience with the fact that it has a fairly beautiful design, as well as a very convenient control, which can be sorted out by both the experienced cheater and the one who is just starting to use cheats.

Download: Mega.nz

Its functionality is capable of the fact that no one could even show a private cheat Flux. It has the best bypasses for all types of servers. So you can safely use it both on the license and on pirated servers.


The GUI menu of this cheat is made in the gradient style, the colors of which ideally blend with each other and give an excellent overall picture of the entire cheat as a whole. This menu will not be able to reject anyone with its appearance, but on the contrary, only to attract attention.

Additional features:

In this reader, as in most others, there is also the Alt Manager. Here you can use several accounts at once. Well … Not literally all at once, but the fact that you can switch between them directly in the game, rather than restarting the launcher.

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