Month: May 2018

Hacked Client Krypton B12 (update) [1.8]

krypton b12 hacked client minecraft

Cheat client Krypton B12 is a relatively fresh client with cheats for Minecraft, which has already gained a lot of popularity. This cheat client is able to surprise you with an incredible set of cheats and also the security of their use on any server. Krypton B12 has a simple intuitive interface, which is easy …

Download Hacked Client Krypton B12 (update) [1.8]

TOP Cheat Client FusionX [1.8]

FusionX cheat client

FusionX is one of the best cheat clients for Minecraft available today. FusionX has only the most top-end cheats that work great on large servers, it’s almost impossible to ban you, there’s a killaure for PVP and so on. If to sum up then Fusion is an excellent option for a beginner or for a …

Download TOP Cheat Client FusionX [1.8]

Triton B7 Cheat Client [1.8.x-1.10.2]

Triton B7 Cheat Client [1.8.x-1.10.2]

For today Triton B7 is the most powerful and reliable cheat from all known for Maynkraft. In this case, Triton has the most powerful killahoy of all customers with cheats. Players who use this cheat client always compare it with Flux and say that Triton is much more powerful and has no equal!

Download Triton B7 Cheat Client [1.8.x-1.10.2]

Hacked Client Fantasy 1.0 [1.12.2-1.11.2]

Hacked Client Fantasy 1.0 [1.12.2-1.11.2]

Fantasy is one of the best cheats for Mayncraft, which for sure will very soon surpass Flux and similar cheat clients. In this client you will find the best long jump, powerful killahu and other cheating functions.

Download Hacked Client Fantasy 1.0 [1.12.2-1.11.2]

Cheat Client FADE 2.0 [1.10.2-1.12.2]

Cheat Client FADE 2.0 [1.10.2-1.12.2]

Fade is a working cheat client for Maincraft, which will surprise you with its variety of available cheats. With this cheat client you can easily play on BedWars and similar servers.

Download Cheat Client FADE 2.0 [1.10.2-1.12.2]

Dark Light Client [1.8]

dark light client

The Dark Light client will allow you to use all the cheat functions known today in Mayncraft. Dark Light can easily compete with such cheat client as Flux. Perhaps in some functions it is even much better!

Download Dark Light Client [1.8]

Hacked Client Luna [1.8.x-1.12.x]

Hacked Client Luna [1.8.x-1.12.x]

This cheat client has a simple name Luna. Surely you already heard about such a client, but now you can use it. The advantage of the Luna over the rest, like cheats, is first of all convenience and reliability of use.

Download Hacked Client Luna [1.8.x-1.12.x]

Cheat Client Flux B8 [1.8-1.8.8]

Flux b8

Flux B8 is a workable cheat client for Minecraft, which is considered among all cheaters as a premiums client. This version of the client was “cracked”, which allows you to use it completely free.

Download Cheat Client Flux B8 [1.8-1.8.8]

Hacked Premium Client Flux B13 [1.8-1.10.x]

Hacked Premium Client Flux B13 [1.8-1.10.x]

Cheat client Flux B13 is already available for download, in the new version the interface has been simplified and improved. Also, the client presents new cheats such as improved Xray and FlyHack. Do not forget that the cheat client Flux has been recognized as one of the coolest and most experienced client for Minecraft of …

Download Hacked Premium Client Flux B13 [1.8-1.10.x]