Hacked Client Nivia Premium B3 (Cracked) [1.8+]

Nivia B3

This client called Nivia Premium B3 will give you a unique opportunity to apply cool cheats when playing on Minecraft servers. Most cheats are aimed at PvP mode, in which you will be able to appreciate all the cheats available in this client.

After installing the client, you will definitely be able to appreciate it. Here you will find cheats like: xRay, wallhack, killaura, autoregen and others.

Hacked Client Nivia Premium B3

Download: [su_button url=”http://cheats-minecraft.com/redirect.php/?link=https://mega.nz/#!VUk20a4L!lyqWwKuw5ohAA-x8NzzzSsCTuLilSbG1Hv-CwMoRaSI” target=”blank” background=”#16a6eb” size=”8"]Mega.Nz[/[/su_button]p>

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