Month: April 2018

Hacked Client Wurst [1.12.x]

Hacked Client Wurst [1.12.x]

A simple and incredibly functional cheat client, Wurst, will definitely be able to please you. This client has proven itself in the game even on the most popular servers in the Minecraft.

Download Hacked Client Wurst [1.12.x]

Aristois Hacked Client [1.12.x]

Aristois Hacked Client [1.12.x]

Aristois is a little unusual and reliable cheat client, thanks to which you can quickly extract resources, kill everyone on your way and feel like God in the Minecraft! Believe that this cheat client can please you, just download and install it.

Download Aristois Hacked Client [1.12.x]

Jam 5.0 Client [1.11.2]


Jam client contains a lot of different cheats and different functions that you can use to play in multiplayer. After downloading and installing this client, you will definitely be satisfied.

Download Jam 5.0 Client [1.11.2]

Cheat Client Liquidbounce [1.11-1.12.2] +1.8 version

Cheat Client Liquidbounce [1.11-1.12.2] +1.8 version

Thanks cheat client Liquidbounce you become practically invincible in Minecraft. This client has its beautiful design and at the same time its unique library of cheats, which can rarely be found in other similar cheat clients.

Download Cheat Client Liquidbounce [1.11-1.12.2] +1.8 version

Hacked SkillClient [1.8-1.11.2]

Download SkillClient

SkillClient is a powerful and popular among many players in Minecraft cheat client, which will allow you to easily dominate when playing in multiplayer mode.

Download Hacked SkillClient [1.8-1.11.2]

Client Memestar [1.11.x]


This cheat client is very popular among many players in Minecraft in the client there is a large number of very different types that you can use in both single and multiplayer games.

Download Client Memestar [1.11.x]

Hacked Client Ecelon B10 [1.10.x]

Ecelon b10

Ecelon is really a wonderful and reliable cheat client, using which you will get a great advantage when playing on absolutely any server in Minecraft.

Download Hacked Client Ecelon B10 [1.10.x]

Huzuni Hacked Client [1.10-1.10.2]


Quite an interesting and popular cheat client Huzuni will allow you to take your skills to a new level. In the client you will find a large number of really cool and important cheats that will help you both in combat and in resource extraction.

Download Huzuni Hacked Client [1.10-1.10.2]

Cheat Client Wurst (4.0-6.0) [1.10-1.10.2]


Wurst is a fairly popular cheat client on Minecraft, which in narrow circles of players is considered one of the best cheats for Minecraft. Thanks to its simple and convenient menu as well as a large set of cheats, everyone can easily learn how to use this client.

Download Cheat Client Wurst (4.0-6.0) [1.10-1.10.2]

Hacked Client Nivia Premium B3 (Cracked) [1.8+]

Nivia B3

This client called Nivia Premium B3 will give you a unique opportunity to apply cool cheats when playing on Minecraft servers. Most cheats are aimed at PvP mode, in which you will be able to appreciate all the cheats available in this client.

Download Hacked Client Nivia Premium B3 (Cracked) [1.8+]