Hacked Client Flux for Minecraft 1.16

The most popular and widely known among cheaters in Minecraft hacked client Flux updated to the new version of the game. Now you can play on the most premium client absolutely free. The new update has added many features and new features, each of which helps the player on the server to become better.

Hacked Client Flux for Minecraft 1.16

The interface has been slightly changed, which will certainly be a big plus for new players who are not yet familiar with this cheat. Unfortunately, not all players liked the new look, but it became much more convenient and advanced. Flux tries to keep up with the times constantly improving and adapting to new versions of Minecraft.

Every day, server administrators create anti-cheats that are detected by hack clients in the game. But for this cheat client there is no problem hacking even the largest project like Cube Craft or a mini-game.

As for the functions, they are also worth discussing. Killaura was improved which made it even more dangerous for enemies. Building blocks has become faster and jumping much further. Hacking the admin panel is possible only with a small number of players on the server, otherwise the cheat will simply complete its work. Otherwise, this is the most top hacked client for Minecraft 1.16 and will surely remain them for a long time to come. You just need to download this premium client for free and enjoy the game.

Download: FLUX 1.16

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