Hacked Client Vega for Minecraft 1.8

Proven by time and thousands of players – Vega hacked client allows you to dominate any server in Minecraft. This client for Minecraft 1.8 works absolutely stably, for a long time no one can detect this cheat on servers.

Hacked Client Vega for Minecraft 1.8

This is a really stable cheat, for over a year now many players have been playing on this client and have not experienced any problems. As for the multiplicities and functions, here is a completely standard set of cheats, which can be easily used through the menu.

The design of the cheat has not been slightly finalized, but this is not the main thing in any hacked client, so you can close your eyes to this. In general, we recommend this cheat!

Download: vega-v7_53b5

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