Cheat NexHack for Minecraft PE

Cheat NexHack for Minecraft PE has not great, but useful functionality and will give the player a number of significant advantages when playing on servers with other players. Especially this cheat is useful to those players who go to the server, on which the PvP mode is enabled, which allows you to fight with other players.

Thanks to Nexhack, you will have a number of useful features that will help you quickly restore health, receive additional health hearts, some materials, and more, by entering a special command.

NeXHack features:
Login – login.
Register – registration.
Add Saber – issuing saber.
Add Lava Buckets – issue of 64 lava buckets.
Give Diamonds – issue of 64 diamond blocks.
PvP Regen – the completion of life when you hit the enemy.
Criticals – kill with one blow.
Creative / Survival – change the game mode.

Download: nexhack

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