Cyanit Hacked Client for Minecraft 1.8

In the first update of the updated cheat clients for version Minecraft 1.8 there is a cheat client called Cyanit. He was one of the first to upgrade to the new version.

How to use:

  • G – Cheat-client menu
  • The right mouse button on the module button will open the menu of the keys
  • To cancel the bind, just use the right mouse button

Cyanit contains a large number of cheat mods, which are not listed in their entirety, here are some of them:

  • AntiKnockback
  • ArmorDisguise
  • Bowaimbot
  • Criticals
  • FastBow
  • FriendSafe
  • Fastheal
  • KillAura
  • Noswing
  • TP Aura
  • TriggerBot

Download: Cyanit

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