Cheat Client Dark Fury for Minecraft 1.5.2

Cheat Client Dark Fury for Minecraft 1.5.2

This cheat client has a very simple interface and management, thereby making it much easier for you to configure or enable the command that you need, for example, KillAura, Fly, X-ray and many other cheat functions.

List of cheats and management:
View cheat list = Up Arrow
Coordinates = Down Arrow
X-ray = X
Chest Finder = Y
No Fall = N
GUI = Up
Ore Finder = J
Stronghold Finder = H
Silverfish Block Finder = I
Mineshaft = M
Dungeon Finder = V
Full Bright = B
Auto Sprint = L
Step = Comma
Killaura = K
Fly = F
God Mode = G
Climb = C
Fast Place = P
Fast break = t
Instant Break = R
Creative Nuker = Right Control
Knockback SP = F4
No Knockback SP = F6
No Pumpkin Blur = F7

Download: 630_DarkFury

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