Hacked Client STX for Minecraft 1.8

Cheat STX at Minecraft 1.8 – is the smallest cheat client in the world. This cheat client will appeal to those cheaters who play only to win. So if you do not need any ponty with thousands of functions, then you can safely take and use this particular cheat. It is so simple that it does not even have a menu. All that is in it, it’s only binds set by the creator of the book itself.

Among them you will find:

  • X-RAY-X
  • NoFall – N
  • AutoJump – G
  • Flight – F
  • Step-C
  • FullBright – L
  • AutoWalk – B
  • KillAura-R
  • Sprint – P
  • AimBot-Z

Download: stx-3

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