Hacked Client Flux B15 for Minecraft 1.10.2/1.9/1.8

Cheat Flux B15 for Minecraft 1.8 – was the final, at the moment, update. With this update, the look has changed globally. In the functional as there were big changes. For example, now you can choose your own sword animation with which you will play. In addition, the functions themselves became many times larger.

So now you can not even come up with new features, because they already have this cheat. What remains unchanged is that the cheat still has 2 control menus.

Download: Flux

Control: The first menu was made for a very quick access to the functionality, right during the game. And this menu is controlled by arrows on your keyboard. The up and down arrows – page through the sections and the functions themselves. Arrow to the left – closes the tab. A arrow to the right – opens the next section, and then, when there is nowhere to turn, it simply turns on the function. The second menu is more convenient and useful. It opens by using the right Shift key. In this menu you can find absolutely all the functions and possibilities of the reader.

Teams that use most often:

AutoArmor – automatically armor.

AutoSoup – a machine buys soup.

KillAura – quickly beats players 360 degrees.

AutoPot – throws a pot (only giving a positive effect).

FullBright – ETERNAL night vision.

NoWeather – disables the weather change in the game.

Tracers – detection of the nearest players.

FlyNCP is an improved Fly that avoids the anti-cheat.

ChestESP – this function shows the location of the chests.

InstantMine – your character quickly breaks blocks.

BowAimbot – AimbotAura for onions.

AntiFire – protection against burning (fire).

FastBow – accelerated shots from the bow.

Criticals are permanent critical hits.

Velosity – Anti-recoil (Anti-repellent).

Long Jump is a long jump.

jesus – walk on the water.

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