TOP 5 Minecraft Cheats and Cheat Clients (2018)

TOP 5 Minecraft Cheats and Cheat Clients (2018)

Here you can see in truth the incredible, the most powerful and best cheats for Minecraft. This list was created by players who themselves tested all the cheat clients available today. We have collected a rating for you from the TOP 5 best cheat clients for Minecraft.

TOP 5 Minecraft Cheats and Cheat Clients (2018)

5. Sigma

Cheat Sigma for Minecraft 1.8 – like those who love comfort in everything. After all, you can arrange for yourself. And all because this cheat allows you to maximally customize your appearance the way you like. In this cheat, you can customize the colors of the menu, volumes, shadows, as well as particles that will shimmer and shine. Despite the fact that the appearance was a huge emphasis, its functionality also remains very powerful.

Download link: Sigma 1.8

Hack Client Wolfram Premium 1.8 Final

4. Wolfram

Wolfram is a great cheat client for Minecraft, which will allow you to use the best cheats. If you are looking for a reliable and simple cheat client, then Wolfram is what you need.

Download link: Wolfram FINAL


This cheat client has a simple name Luna. Surely you already heard about such a client, but now you can use it. The advantage of the Luna over the rest, like cheats, is first of all convenience and reliability of use.

Download link: Luna B9

dark light client

2. DLC (Dark Light Client)

The Dark Light client will allow you to use all the cheat functions known today in Mayncraft. Dark Light can easily compete with such cheat client as Flux. Perhaps in some functions it is even much better!

In addition, the great advantage of this client is its simplicity and speed.

Download link: DLC 1.8

Hacked Premium Client Flux B13


Cheat client Flux is already available for download, in the new version the interface has been simplified and improved. Also, the client presents new cheats such as improved Xray and FlyHack. Do not forget that the cheat client Flux has been recognized as one of the coolest and most experienced client for Minecraft of all versions!

Download link: Flux B13

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